This is a tipping platform where you can encourage your fans to follow your content, appreciate your creations, and tip you.

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Why Join Our igvdeals from Social Network ?

Now, you can tip your favorite influencers on igvdeals to support their creative endeavors. The funds you tip, after a small transaction fee, will go entirely to the influencers you support. By encouraging and rewarding them, you help your favorite influencers create more meaningful and valuable content to share with everyone.

  • Link To Your Homepage

    Link your social channel homepage to igvdeals and let them know that they can reward you on this platform.

  • Create Your Fans Group

    You can freely create discussion groups that belong to your fans, where everyone can discuss content. You can also post some announcements or organize some activities.

  • Get Your Reward

    The rewards from fans will be added to your income list, and you can clearly understand which fans have rewarded you and the specific amount.

igvdeals Makes Your Life Easier & Simple

As an internet celebrity, you can now focus on your content creation. Igvdeals will be more effective in helping you manage your fans and increase your revenue.

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